Career Day

Collinsville High School will be hosting a Career Day on April 26th, 2023. 

Two of our CHS counselors, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Brown, attended a similar event hosted by Jenks High School. They brainstormed with our administrators to develop an event for Collinsville students. In the past, our school has hosted an event called "Beyond High School" in which students could visit with college representatives, along with a few other professions as an alternative to college. Our event in April will allow students to spend more time visiting with professionals, and have more to choose from. 

On April 26, our school will welcome over 100 professionals that will present information to students about their career field. Some of the professionals include doctors, cosmetologists, engineers, pilots, welders, plumbers, electricians, and more. Many of our volunteers are CHS graduates and are employed locally. Our hope is that students have a chance to learn about the different career opportunities available and that our volunteers will give them realistic expectations about these careers.  

"I hope our students will be inspired to think beyond the career survey questions," says Mrs. Brown. "I want them to think about what a day as a pilot is really like, the most rewarding part of being a doctor, and even the hardest days for law enforcement officers."

We plan to have 4 different breakout sessions throughout the day. Students will choose which careers they would like to learn more about and be able to sign up for the sessions that interest them. We are thrilled that so many of our community members have volunteered to spend the day with us and we hope to make this an annual event.