April 3, 2020


CUE Family,

Welcome to the start of our Distance Learning season. This is a simple overview of what to expect for the next six weeks. We  believe that everyone involved will be successful and feel a sense of achievement. No one is in this alone! You will be supported and guided through this experience.


To educate students in an environment that is away from school.


CUE 3rd,4th, and 5th graders, along with their parents and guardians, will be actively involved.


Beginning on April 6th and ending on May 15th.


Learning Menus will arrive digitally or by hand delivery. (You will receive your copy, no later than Monday, April 6th) These are the roadmaps to success and will be arriving every two weeks. You will find them simple, but yet effective. Each day has approximately 5 activities. Students will receive points for each assignment completed. Your teacher will be in communication with you as to how and when, to report the completed work. Some grade levels may be working online, with resources such as Study Island. These scores can be reported automatically.


As of now, our Parent Portals will be closed. The Distance Learning process will not be applicable to this site. We do encourage parents to work hand in hand with your students. The teachers will also be available during the normal time of school hours (8:30-3:30) each day, to provide support. If you need assistance  after hours, please leave an email and they will respond as needed.  If you need my help during this time of transition, please email me at, astacy@collinsville.k12.ok.us.


We are here for you, at the CUE!


Arlin Stacy