4th Grade Community Book

Mrs. Rupe's 4th grade class is full of published authors!  

This fall, Mrs. Rupe had the opportunity to attend a writing workshop.  Since writing can be very difficult for students of all levels, she wanted to learn techniques that would assist in making writing tasks fun and engaging.  

At the workshop, she learned about a company called Student Treasures (studenttreasures.com).  They provided her class with all of the supplies, examples, and resources needed to ignite emerging writers.  "The Important Book," written by Margaret Wise Brown, was used as inspiration to write about what was important to a fourth grader, and she was completely amazed while reading their rough drafts!  

This project took approximately one week to complete with students only working fifteen minutes each day.  When finished, students were given the opportunity to order their own copies of the book.  

The best part of this process was when the books arrived!  The students ASKED for extra reading time.   Mrs. Rupe overheard them at the end of the day complimenting each other’s work.   

Mrs. Rupe stated, "This was definitely a meaningful project and well worth our time!"