Free & Reduced Application Information

Please note a new application must be completed each year.

Even if your child does not plan to eat in our Child Nutrition Department, please take five minutes to complete the application.The information from the application also helps our district apply for free grant money and obtain free technology money.

If you need assistance completing your Free & Reduced Application, please contact the Child Nutrition Department at (918)371-4047

Free & Reduced Application

The application can also be printed from an interactive form that you can download to your computer.  To fill out this form, click here, and e-mail directly to mealbenefits@collinsville.k12.ok.us. You may also print a copy from the link provided to fill out and return to any of our district schools or the Enrollment Center. Reminder, a new application must be filled out each year.

If you need assistance, please contact our Child Nutrition office at (918)371-4047

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