Chromebook Protection Plan

The Collinsville Public Schools Chromebook Protection Plan (CPP) has been established to give parents and students the ability to purchase a protection plan for the Chromebook 1:1 package. The 2020-2021 Chromebook Package for 5th-12th grade students consists of a Chromebook, charger with cord, and protective carrying case which is valued at $225. This annual protection plan, if purchased, will cover part or all of the repair or replacement costs related to damage to the Chromebook.

The cost and coverage of the plan is as follows:

  • $25 per student taking devices home if paid by debit or credit card using the online service or $30 per student if paid by cash or check (Grades 6-12).
  • $10 per student keeping device at school. This can be paid using the online service or cash/check (Grade 5 only).
  • If any malicious or intentionally neglectful incident occurs causing damage, the full cost of repair or replacement is the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian.
  • Exact repair/replacement costs will be determined at the time of repair.
  • Acts of intentional damage or signs that the Chromebook was not regularly carried and used in the district-issued case will forfeit protection plan coverage. Only damaged Chromebooks presented in their original district-issued case will be covered by this protection plan.
  • Lost Chromebook or charger with cord will not be covered.
  • If no plan is purchased, parents are responsible for the full cost of replacement or repair of damage for the Chromebook and charger with cord.
  • Claims of theft must include a completed Collinsville/Tulsa County police report, signed by a parent. A copy of the police/office report must be provided within one week of the theft, or the claim will be forfeited.

This is a voluntary ANNUAL protection plan, and families are strongly encouraged but not required to participate. If the protection plan is not purchased at the time of device acceptance, parents/guardians are responsible for the full cost of any repair/replacement of all damage to the Chromebook, charger with cord, and required carrying case. The Protection Plan must be purchased BEFORE the student takes possession of the Chromebook package. Once a student has been issued a Chromebook package, the protection plan will NOT be issued again until the subsequent school year.

Keep in mind, according to the Electronic Device Agreement, parents are responsible for the full cost of any repair or replacement consequent from any damage to or loss of the Chromebook, charger with cord, and/or case if the protection plan is not purchased at the time of device issuance.

Protection Plan Coverage:

If purchased, the CPP covers 100% of the FIRST incident of damage to the Chromebook and 50% of the SECOND incident of damage to the Chromebook from date of issue until but not including the first day of school in August 2021. After two incidents, the parent/guardian is responsible for ALL repairs and replacement costs. Exact repair/replacement costs will be determined at the time of the repair. This coverage only applies to each current school calendar year. Lost Chromebook will not be covered under the Protection Plan.

First Incident100%
Second Incident50%
Third Incident0%


If a student leaves the district and the Chromebook, charger with cord, and case are returned in original condition before the sixth day of classes in the new academic year, a refund can be issued. After the fifth school day of the new academic year, there will be no refunds, full or pro-rated, for students leaving the district, even for those who enroll after that date and soon withdraw. However, if they return to the district later that same academic year, their non-refunded protection plan remains in effect.

There are no refunds for students who remain in the district; their protection plan remains enforced until the first day of the next school year unless they graduate or leave the district. When graduating from or leaving the district, the Chromebook, charger with cord, and case must be returned intact in a fully usable condition to avoid financial charges in the amounts shown on the annual protection plan handout.

Typical Repairs or Replacement Costs:

Charging Cord$40
Re-image hard drive (due to improper use)$15
Lost/damaged protective case$25
Total Loss of Unit$225


In order to checkout a Chromebook, you must either purchase the Collinsville School’s Chromebook Protection Plan or OPT OUT.


All forms for current 5th-12th Grade students have been closed.  The enrollment office will give new students the link for the Chromebook Device Agreement/Protection plan when enrollment is complete.

For credit card payments you must complete the online form.  For cash payments you may fill out the printable form and return to your student's school site along with your $30 cash payment.  

Protection Plan cannot be purchased after device has been issued.