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Collinsville Public School will be teaching the State mandated HIV PREVENTION EDUCATION and SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE PREVENTION CURRICULA to the 7th and 10th grade students. The program will be presented by Samantha Young, Outreach Specialist, from H.O.P.E. (Health Outreach Prevention Education), Inc Parents may attend a presentation of the curricula, which will be used for this year’s prevention program, on January 13th, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Herald Elementary School Commons.
The PREVENTION curricula for 7th and 10th grade will be available for parents to view at the Herald Health Office from 8:30 to 3:15 Monday through Friday between 1/13/15 and 2/13/15. The Herald Health Office phone number is 918-371-1773. You may call and make an appointment to view these materials.
No student shall be required to participate in HIV or STD PREVENTION EDUCATION. A parent/guardian who DOES NOT want their student (7th or 10th grade) to participate in these programs is required to send a letter to the school before February 13th, 2015. Send to this address: School Health Office, c/o Mr. Lance West, Superintendent of Schools, 12818 N 129th E Ave, Collinsville, OK. 74021. This request must be made in writing in order to satisfy the requirements of the State of Oklahoma.

Christmas Parade Dec. 13th
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School Christmas Break Dec. 22 - Jan. 5
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2014-15 Basketball Schedules Revised (10/21/2014):
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Sept. 2014 State Department of Educations A-F Report Cards for 2013-2014 ECC (B) 85 Wilson (B) 85 Herald (B) 85 Middle School (B) 83 High School (A-) 92
Collinsville Public Schools is proud to announce the launch of our school's official mobile app. This app is completely free to download and use. This app has easy access icons for school employee and board members' contact information, sports' schedules, lunch menu, Wengage, the school calendar, and links to the school website, school policy book and some individual teacher websites and videos such as and The Situation.

Parents: After you download the app be sure to turn on notifications for your child's school so that you will receive announcements that are sent out. You can also subscribe to athletic notifications for any sport that pertains to you or your child. Teachers and coaches are in the process of creating their own pages, which will be listed within the courses or athletics icon. Your child's teacher/coach will notify you if and when they have a page for you to subscribe to.

Students: Download the app and turn on notifications for your school and any sport/course/teacher that pertains to you.

When you download the app it will ask you to register. You can skip this step if you want. Once you choose Oklahoma and Collinsville School District this will be saved and it will automatically open up to our school every time.

To download the app go to from any smart device.

You can also go to your app store and search schoolway. You can download it from an ipad but you will have to click on iphone only apps for it to show up.

There is also a desktop version of the app for those who don't have a smart device. Just click on the above link and download the web app.

We are excited about the ability to bring this app to our district.

-- Missy DeLozier (9/9/2014)

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School Bond Election was Oct. 8th, 2013
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New Upper Elementary Construction

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The purpose of Collinsville Public Schools is to equip each graduating student to become successful adults after completion of high school - be that in the area of vocational, technical, or collegiate training, and to make years spent at Collinsville Schools a most rewarding experience. We invite you to visit our district, talk with principals and counselors, and find out how academic excellence and small town attitudes make this district number one in the area.

Lance West (Superintendent)

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