Students riding school buses will be expected to follow all bus rules as outlined by the bus driver. As bus riding is a privilege, any student guilty of disobeying the rules may be suspended from bus riding privileges for a period of time to be determined by the principal. (A third bus infraction in one semester can result in loss of bus riding privilege.) Parent notes with principal approval are required for changes in bus riding schedules.


High School Campus Only:

Students who are qualified may drive a car to school, provided they follow the rules and regulations set forth in the following paragraphs:

1. Parking permits must be properly displayed in all vehicles.

2. No student is to leave the campus in a car during periods without permission of the principal.

3. Speed limit of 10 MPH must be respected (on school grounds).

4. No student will be permitted to sit in cars before school, during school, or during lunch periods.

5. There will be no passing on the access road or campus.

6. Neither the Board of Education, nor school officials are to be held responsible for any accidents involving student drivers.

7. Students must have a parking permit on vehicle; permits may be obtained through the assistant principal’s office.

8. Repeated violations will result in the loss of driving privileges.

9. The school district assumes no liability for your vehicle. It is your responsibility to have proper insurance.


The Collinsville Board of Education, in the interest of improving the educational environment and student safety, has adopted the following policy concerning closed campus. The building principals must approve visitors to the school building.

Students may not leave school premises during the school day except with prior authorization to the school from the student’s parent or legal guardian.

During the lunch period a student’s parent or legal guardian must report to the attendance office in order to check his/her child out of school for lunch. The student will be required to leave campus in the parent’s vehicle.

Students who are late returning from lunch will be tardy and will be subject to school policy concerning tardies.

Students who leave school premises without parental and administrative authorization may be subject to discipline, including suspension. Students must follow the proper check out procedure before leaving campus.

Any student who has a medical appointment at lunch will be required to furnish a physician’s note upon his/her return to campus.


Johnny Gilmartin – Director of Transportation

(918) 371-3731