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Preliminary State Test Scores

Preliminary state test scores from this past April are available on the Oklahoma State Testing Portal for students in grades 3 – 8 and grade 11. 

This testing portal enables parents to view their child’s progress and their strengths/weaknesses. It also assists with tracking state test information throughout a child’s academic career. Each year, the portal will be updated with new assessment results. 

For parents to access the student’s test results via the online portal, parents will need their student’s testing number (STN) and his/her date of birth. The STN is a 10-digit number located on the paper copy of the state test report that was distributed in October. Each student will have their own account, and accounts are not per family. Please note that only one account per student can be created. 

The STN number/State ID can also be found on your parent portal. This is located on the student summary page and is listed as your students State ID. It is a 10-digit number beginning with 100……. 

The student's school site will also have the student's STN number. After May 30, your student's school site will be closed for summer break. 

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