Lance WestJulie Crutchfield

Kelly Hamlin

Lance WestJulie CrutchfieldKelly Hamlin
SuperintendentDirector of Special Services/FinanceDirector of Teacher and Student Services

Education Service Center Staff

Stacie ByromMelanie GarrettMichelle CollinsEmily GarrettJennifer JordanBrenda FlanaryKim Richerson
HR/Encumbrance Clerk/InsuranceActivity FundPayroll Administrative AssistantChild Nutrition Administrative AssistantEnrollment/Student InformationSuperintendent Administrative Assistant/Facility RentalSpecial Services Administrative Assistant

Mission Statement

The administration and teaching staff of Collinsville Public Schools believe that all learners are to be afforded equal access to educational opportunities and success. To that end, the district adopts the following mission and reason of existence:

The district is committed to an ongoing program of learning that promotes critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and life-long learning.

The district advocates the development of student talent, as well as collaboration with parents and the local community.

The district reinforces the values of mutual respect, courtesy, and appreciation of diversity.

The district encourages everyone to develop responsibility, accountability and self-discipline.


The purpose of Collinsville Public Schools is to equip each graduating student to become successful adults after completion of high school - be that in the area of vocational, technical, or collegiate training, and to make years spent at Collinsville Schools a most rewarding experience. We invite you to visit our district, talk with principals and counselors, and find out how academic excellence and small town attitudes make this district number one in the area.