District Policy Manual

Collinsville Public Schools Policy Book

Policy Book Index


1.1 Authority of Individual Board Members

1.2 Definition and Legal Status

1.3 Election Districts

1.4 Employee Communications and Levels of Authority

1.5 Minute Clerk and Encumbrance Clerk

1.6 Minutes of Board Meetings

1.7 Nondiscrimination

1.8 Officers

1.9 Organization

1.10 Power and Duties

1.11 Public Participation at Board Meetings

1.12 Qualifications for Membership on Board of Education

1.13 Relationship of the Board to the Superintendent

1.14 School Attorney

1.15 School Board Meetings

1.16 School Board Member Conflict of Interest

1.17 School Board Policies

1.18 Statement of Intent to Comply with Statutes and Regulations

1.19 Terms of Office

1.20 Vacancies

1.21 Board of Education Oaths of Office

1.22 Continuing Education for School Board Members

1.23 Board Meetings - Virtual

1.24 Emergency Preparedness


2.1 Interference with Peaceful Conduct

2.2 Measles

2.3 Gifts and Donations

2.4 Open Records

2.5 Rental of School Buses

2.6 Tobacco on District Property

2.7 Use of School Facilities

2.7.1 Facility Use Agreement Policy

2.7.1 F/P Facility Use Forms

2.8 Use of School Facilities by Student Organizations

2.9 Visitors to Schools

2.10 Policy Establishing Guidelines For Sanctioning

2.10.1 Sanctioning Procedures

2.10.2 Sanctioning Application

2.11 School Volunteers

2.11.1 Volunteer Packets (Procedure/Application)

2.12 Reporting Threatening Behavior

2.13 Advertising in District Media and at District Facilities

2.14 Medical Marijuana

2.15 Bed Bug Protocol

2.16 Use of Security Cameras


3.1 AIDS Prevention Education

3.2 Challenging Instructional Materials

3.2.1 F/P Request for Reconsideration of Educational Materials Form

3.3 Concurrent Enrollment for Junior and Senior Students

3.4 Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

3.5 Curriculum Evaluation

3.6 Educational Services for Students under Section 504 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act

3.7 Safety Drills

3.7.1 Safety Drill Procedures

3.8 Extended School Year Services

3.9 Including Students with Disabilities in District wide Assessments

3.10 Internet Based Instruction

3.11 Limited English Proficient Students Under the No Child Left Behind Act

3.12 Materials Selection and Review

3.12 Movie Request Form

3.13 Moment of Silence

3.14 Parents’ Right to Know Under the No Child Left Behind Act

3.15 Proficiency Based Promotion

3.16 Promotion, Retention, and Pass/Failure of a Course

3.17 Safe School Committees and Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committees

3.18 Student Health Services

3.18.1 Guidelines for Sick Students

3.19 Testing

3.20 Use of Copyrighted Materials

3.21 Acceptable Use of Internet/Devices

3.21.1 Chromebook Device Policy

3.21.2 Electronic Device Agreements

3.21.3 Staff/Faculty Electronic Device Agreement

3.22 Repeating Courses and Grade Replacement

3.23 Reading Sufficiency Act Testing and Procedures

3.24 Child Find Policy

3.25 Academic Credit

3.26 Length of School Year

3.27 Buildings and Grounds Security Use ofFirearms/Personal Defense Units By School Security Officers

3.28 Requirements for Admission to Alternative School Program

3.29 Intellectual Property

3.30 Virtual Hybrid and Distance Learning

3.31 Cybersecurity

Section 4: STUDENTS

4.1 Activities Programs

4.2 Admissions and Placement of Students

4.3 Attendance

4.4 Bus Transportation Safety

4.5 Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation and Trafficking

4.5.1 Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Trafficking Report Form

4.6 Dangerous Weapons

4.7 Diabetes Care and Management

4.8 Disciplinary Removal of Children with Disabilities

4.9 Drugs, Alcohol and Contraband Searches by Canine Detection

4.10 Food Allergies

4.11 Gun-Free Schools Student Suspension

4.12 Hazing

4.13 Illegal Chemical Substances, Alcohol and Tobacco

4.14 Immunizations

4.15 Medication

4.15 Medication Policy Acknowledgment Form

F-P 4.15 Sunscreen Policy Assist Forms

4.16 Student Transfer

4.17 Parent Revocation of Consent for Services

4.18 Parking – High School Students

4.19 Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

4.20 Religious Prayers and Meditations at School Function

4.21 Reporting Students Under the Influence or in Possession of Drugs or Alcohol

4.22 Scheduling Student Activities

4.23 Search of Students

4.24 Student Behavior and Discipline

4.25 Student Eligibility for School Transportation Service

4.26 Student Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying and Threatening Behavior

4.27 Student Interviews and Interrogations

4.28 Student Organizations: Sponsorship and Equal Access for Limited Forums

4.29 Student Overnight and Out-of-State Activity/Athletic Trips

4.30 Student Participation in Activities- Secondary Schools

4.31 Student Records

4.32 Student Residency

4.33 Testing Student Athletes for Alcohol and Illegal or Performance Enhancing Drugs

4.34 Title I Parent Involvement

4.35 Truancy

4.36 Unauthorized Vehicle Search on School Property

4.37 Wireless Communication Devices

4.38 Contagious Conditions/ Head Lice

4.39 Wellness Policy

4.40 Physical Restraint of Students with Disabilities

4.41 Seclusion of Students with Disabilities

4.42 Vision Screening of Students

4.43 Supplemental Online Course Procedures

4.44 Part-Time Enrollment

4.45 Privacy at School

4.46 Direct Threat

4.47 Disproportionality

4.48 Service Animals

4.49 Health for Student Athletes

4.50 Concussions and Head Injuries

4.51 Meal Charge Policy

4.52 Child Nutrition Families

4.53 Patriotic Access to Students in Schools Act (PASS ACT)

4.54 Foreign Exchange Policy

4.55 Dyslexia Awareness

4.56 Chronic Absenteeism

4.57 Emergency Medical Services at Athletic Events and Activities


5.1 Activity Fund Accounting and Expenditures

5.2 Budget Adoption, Amendment and Transfer

5.3 Building Operations and Maintenance

5.4 Credit Card Use and Accounting

5.5 Disposition of Surplus or Obsolete Materials and Property

5.6 Document Retention

5.7 Employee Authority to Contract

5.8 Energy Management Conservation

5.9 Fixed Assets and Inventory

5.10 Fund Balance

5.11 Fund-Raising Activities

5.12 Intradistrict Mail and Delivery Service

5.13 Investment, Depository Institutions and Collateralization of District Funds

5.14 Purchasing and Procurement

5.15 Reimbursement for Co-curricular Activity Expenses

5.16 Reimbursement for Mileage- Parents

5.17 Employee Expense Reimbursement

5.18 Safety Program

5.19 Vending Machines

5.20 Procurement Plan for Child Nutrition Programs

5.21 Employee Fundraising

5.22 Federal Programs

5.23 Document Signatures

5.25 Service of Legal Papers


6.1 Administrator Sick Leave

6.2 Administrator Work Schedule

6.3 School Bus Drivers (Regulations) School Bus Drivers Alcohol and Drug Testing for Bus Drivers FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Form Release of information Drug-Alcohol-FMCSA

6.4 Assault and Battery Involving School District Employees

6.5 Certified Personnel- Duties

6.6 Certified Personnel- Regulations

6.7 Classification of Employees and Rights and Responsibilities Involving Non-Exempt Employees

6.8 Leave of Absence, Long Term

6.9 Nepotism (School Employees and Board Members)

6.10 Conflict of Interest (Employment and/or Assignment of Relatives)

6.11 CPR and Heimlich Maneuver Training for School Employees

6.12 Employee Piercing and Tattoos

6.13 Employees Charged with Crimes

6.14 Employment of Substitute Teachers

6.15 Evaluation of Administrative Personnel

6.16 Family and Medical Leave

6.17 Felony Record Search

6.18 Child Nutrition Employees

6.19 Jury Duty

6.20 Multiple Employment Assignments

6.21 Other Employment

6.22 Professional Conduct by Staff

6.23 Reduction in Force- Certified Teaching Personnel

6.24 Salary Schedule Documentation

6.25 Salary Schedule Placement and Advancement

6.26 Staff Hiring

6.27 Staff Participation in Political Activities

6.28 Suspension, Demotion, Termination or Non-Reemployment of Support Employees

6.29 Support Personnel

6.30 Suspension, Dismissal and Non-Reemployment of Teachers

6.30.1 Evaluation of Professional Staff

6.30.2 TLE Goal Setting Form

6.31 Drug Testing Employees

6.32 Social Media

6.33 Use of School Facilities by Outside Service Providers

6.35 Workers’ Compensation

6.36 Sick Leave Sharing Program (All Employees)

6.37 Staff Development

6.38 Fair Labor Standards Act

6.39 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

6.40 Workplace Hazards

6.41 Professional Organization Payroll Deductions

6.42 Special Education Certification Reimbursement

6.43 Telework

6.44 Compliance with State and Federal Laws

6.45 FFCRA Leave

6.45.1 Leave Summary Related to COVID-19

6.45.2 COVID Leave Request Form


7.1 Complaint Procedures under Part B of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act

7.2 Discriminatory Harassment and Retaliation

7.3 Grievance Procedure for Filing, Processing and Resolving Complaints Alleging Discrimination

7.3.1 Grievance Complaint Form

7.4 Sexual Harassment of Employee and Students

7.5 Federal Programs Complaint Policy