Exposure Guidance

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COVID-19 District Wide Count


  • Face coverings are optional

  • Positive cases must isolate for at least five (5) days, with masking recommended on days 6-10.

  • No in-school contact tracing, notifications, or district-imposed quarantines

  • No COVID restrictions on visitors, spacing, assemblies, field trips, activities, capacities, or third-party use

Positive Cases

  • If a student tests positive for an active case of COVID-19, parents must report that to the school.

  • Whenever a district staff member tests positive for an active case of COVID-19, they must report that to their supervisor for the same reasons.

  • Symptoms


A person who tests positive must isolate and will not be allowed back onto school property until at least five (5) days after their positive test OR the onset of their symptoms. Even then, they must have 24 hours with no fever (and no fever-reducing medicine), AND improvement in their symptoms, AND are encouraged to wear a surgical or N95 mask for five (5) additional days when in our schools and on a school bus. Students also have the option of completing the entire 10-day isolation period.

Students are expected to engage via Distance Learning while under self-quarantine or isolation UNLESS they are too ill.

Close Contacts & Household Members

  • The district no longer performs contact tracing, notifications, or quarantines for close contacts or those living with a positive case.

  • Close contacts: Those who were within six feet of a positive case for more than fifteen minutes anytime starting two days before symptoms developed or a person tested positive should self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days, self-test if any symptoms develop, and consider self-testing 4-7 days after exposure even if there are no symptoms.

  • Household members: Those living with a positive case should take special precautions. The district recommends but does not require that they wear a surgical or N95 mask when inside a school or school vehicle for two weeks.