2017 Bond Information

As part of an ongoing capital improvement plan that we began to develop starting in 2014, we presented a Feb. 13, 2018 Bond vote to our patrons. This bond vote was for Phase I of our long range plan that will take place within the next 8 to 10 years. We have identified several projects that we see as important for our student’s educational development as they progress through our school district. Bonding allows a school district to address the “bricks and mortar” component of district needs. It is vitally important for our district as we continue to grow. Our overall vision for this plan includes the following:

1. Continue to provide additional instruction spaces, allowing for suitable learning areas that are safe, comfortable, efficient, and appropriate.

2. Provide activity spaces that are safe, comfortable, efficient, and appropriate.

3. Provide our community with educational facilities that are safe, efficient, and nice.

Key Components of Phase 1

1) $7,535,000 Building Bonds; Series Issue (First Tax Year: 2018-19)

2) This bond will result in a 1 time increase of 2.20%. Any patron who paid $1000 in property taxes, can expect to pay $22.05 more per year. This results in a monthly increase of $1.84 per month with the approval of this bond.

3) 4 Projects in Phase I

4) New Band Facility at the High School (with a outdoor practice site)

5) New Agricultural Education / FFA Facility at the High School

6) Additional classroom space at the High School

7) 11 additional classrooms at the CUE (allowing for additional classroom space at Herald Elementary)

8) Included in the bond would be funds for band instruments, some furniture for new spaces, and technology for new areas.

Bond Transparency Act of 2017