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August 18, 2016
Job Posts 6/21/2016
Collinsville Oklahoma Public Schools
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2016 Individual CHS Grad Pages -- 6/26/2016
The CHS Football Season tickets for the 2016 season will go up to $50. -- Jim Riley 6/14/2016
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The Enrollment office will be closed starting June 10th.
We will reopen Tuesday July 5th, 2016. -- Posted 5/6/2016
Baccalaureate Services -- Sunday May 15 at (air conditioned) CHS Gym CHS Graduation -- Monday May 16 at TU Reynolds Center (doors open 6:15 for 7pm Ceremony)
Quick summary of school calendar changes approved 4/11/2016 by the School Board: 2015-16 School Year. Last day of classes changed from Thursday May 19th to Monday May 13th 2016-17 School Year. First day of classes moved from August 11 to August 18. Off Fridays in April/May 2017 if snow days not used.
May 6, 2016 will be the last day meals may be charged at the elementary schools. Please make sure your child's balances are paid before May 13, 2016. Charges may be paid online at or at your child's school.

Paula Webb (4/19/2016)
Collinsville Public Schools -- Child Nutrition
1902 West Maple -- 918-371-4047 Office -- 918-371-4285 Fax

The following dates are scheduled for Middle School Testing- if all goes well

4/18- 7th Geography
4/19- 8th Math
4/20- 7th Math
4/22- 8th Science
4/25- 8th History
4/26- 7th ELA
4/27- 8th ELA
5/09- 8th Algebra EOI

Make-ups 4/21 & 4/28- 5/10

Teachers Of The Year
March 12, 2016

Collinsville Teachers At Each Campus
Beverly Craig Will Represent District
Please take a moment to read the Collinsville Public Schools Financial Update from Superintendent, Lance West.
-- Collinsville Public Schools -- 3/11/2016

District Financial Update and March 11 Newsletter
2015 State A-F Reports
ECC (PK-K) B- (81)
Wilson* (1-2nd) B- (81)
Herald* (3-4-5th) B- (81)
MS* (6-7-8th) B- (81)
HS (9-10-11-12th) A (96)
November Breakfast+Lunch+Snack Bar Menus -- 10/18/2015

Chicken Pox -- A child who attends Collinsville Public Schools has been diagnosed with chickenpox. (See the School Nurse's page for additional information) - 10/27/2015

CHS Student Newspaper -- October 2015
September 14th we sent home a consent form with your child to receive calls via Student Messenger. If you did not receive this form please download, fill out and return to (at ESC).

Attached is a consent form to receive telephone calls concerning:
* Notice of school closing due to weather or other reasons
* Notice that your child was absent from school or one or more classes
* Notice of parent-teacher conferences
* Notice of upcoming school events
* Notice of an emergency situation at school

* Any other notice related to school that District officials determine should be communicated by an automated telephone message.

Sample Student Art From The CUE -- Aug-Sep. 2015
Recent EOI and ACT scores for Collinsville HS have been added to the "Curriculum/Testing" page. The EOI scores are tied for the best in the Tulsa area. -- 9/11/2015

The new and improved School Way app is up and running. It looks quite a bit different but all the basic features are the same. I am in the process of updating and customizing everything and adding many new elements to the app. A couple of new features is my ability to customize the contents, add pictures etc. I have added a few new folders entitled, Upcoming Events, Student Life photos and Cardinal Sports photos. I will add team pictures and some individual pictures periodically as well as some student life pictures. The school calendar and lunch menu is now up to date also.

If you have any flyers for upcoming events I can add them. Just email them to me. Also, if you have an idea of something that could be added tell me and I'll see what I can do.

Let me know if you would like to use this with your class and I will set you up.

If you have an upcoming event for an organization or a sporting or school event that you want a district push message sent out for just email me and I'll send it out.

Spread the word for new students (and current ones) to download this free app!

-- Missy DeLozier 8/17/2015
A Week Of Loss From The Collinsville Schools "Family" (March 2-4, 2016)
CHS Wrestlers Are 5A State Champs For 6th Straight Year
February 26-27, 2016

Individual Titles For Justin Walker & Elijah Tanner
        Feb. 26, 2016 "TWEET"
January 29, 2016 "TWEET" January 15, 2016 "TWEET" School "Tweet" -- Dec. 4, 2015 (pdf)
School "Tweet" -- Sept. 18, 2015 School "Tweet" -- Sept. 4, 2015 School "Tweet" -- August 21, 2015 2015-16 Band Handbook (pdf) -- 8/12/2015 August 7, 2015, School "Tweet" (pdf)
Online Cafeteria Payment Info ... with new free App -- 7/22/2015
The Parent Portal Address Has Changed for 2015-16 -- 7/16/2015 Revised School Board Policies -- 7/13/2015 School Information From Lance West (pdf) -- 7/16/2015
6th Grade Supply List -- 7/17/2015 Revision 4th & 5th grade supply list 7/172015 Herald (1st-2nd-3rd Grade) Supply List (doc) 7/14/2015 -- (or jpg)
Collinsville Middle School Adopts New STEM Program
May 5, 2015

Project Lead The Way (PTLW)
Statewide School News -- Federal Waiver Reinstated -- 11/24/2014
Cold, Flu or Allergy -- Tips and Treatment (doc) -- 12/2/2014
School Bond Passed 838 to 156 (84%) -- Thank You Collinsville! -- 10/8/2013
School Bond Election was Oct. 8th, 2013
(preliminary details
New Upper Elementary Construction
More Photos

The purpose of Collinsville Public Schools is to equip each graduating student to become successful adults after completion of high school - be that in the area of vocational, technical, or collegiate training, and to make years spent at Collinsville Schools a most rewarding experience. We invite you to visit our district, talk with principals and counselors, and find out how academic excellence and small town attitudes make this district number one in the area.

Lance West (Superintendent)

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