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Collinsville offers several school related clubs and organizations that students can become involved in if they so choose. Click on the links below for each club to see who can be involved in each and what memberships in that club entails:

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New CHS Organization: -- 11/27/2012 Astronomy Club

The goal of this group is not to create another science class with homework and stress for its attendants. Rather, it has been started by some students passionate about the Universe and excited to help others have an appreciation for it. The group will cover a variety of subjects such as the following: history of astronomy, modern astronomy, our solar system, formation and life of stars, galaxies, black holes, and more, with the help of former astronomy teacher Ryan Frame. Everyone is invited to come.

*regular attendance is advised because in some ways the interesting lessons build upon the ones before it.

Middle School Activities ... (9/12/2012)

* Gifted and Talented
* Student Council
* Yearbook Club
* Academic Bowl Team
* Cherokee Language Bowl
* Junior Honor Society
* Student Council (STUCO)

Note: JrHi Sports and cheer will be on Sports page

Collinsville Middle School Activities ... (Updated Sept. 2012)
» Performing Arts: Band & Chorus

The District sponsors direction and control for the following clubs and organizations at Collinsville Middle School:

Club or Organization

Gifted and Talented

Faculty Advisor -- Mrs. Ashley Powell

Mission or Purpose

The Collinsville Middle School GT club is in place to give students with outstanding academic and creativity skills an opportunity to use and strengthen those skills. GT students will use problem solving and creative thinking in a variety of ways such as projects, riddles, group activities, and more. Administrators, counselors, and teachers work with parents to identify student candidates for GT.

Club or Organization

Yearbook Club

Faculty Advisor -- Mrs. Alicia Herald

Mission or Purpose

The Collinsville Middle School Yearbook Staff help plan and organize the school yearbook for the upcoming year. The staff will assist in taking pictures, planning the yearbook layout, and handing out yearbooks at the end of the year. While participating in the yearbook staff, students learn organizational skills and are encouraged to express their creativity.

Club or Organization

Academic Bowl Teams

Faculty Advisor -- Gale Blevins

Mission or Purpose

Collinsville Middle School will foster an interest in trivia and hone general and science “trivia skills” to represent CMS. Four member teams participate in regional and state academic trivia tournaments four to five times per year. Students prepare for competition by increasing their study skills and in the process they learn. Academic Bowl gives students the opportunity to receive recognition for what they know.

Club or Organization

Junior Honor Society

Faculty Advisors -- (TBA)

Mission or Purpose

The purpose of Junior Honor Society shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character and to encourage citizenship.

Club or Organization

Student Council

Faculty Advisor -- Karen McNeal

Mission or Purpose

The Student Council (STUCO) plays a very important role in every school. STUCO helps share students’ ideas, interests and concerns with the teachers and principal. Students raise funds for school wide projects and assist the community when they are in need of aid. STUCO helps students become responsible and active members of the community. Students learn to provide leadership, and to serve the student body, the school and the community. STUCO promotes opportunities & provides leadership and is self-supporting.

Parents and guardians may notify the District that they are withholding permission for their student to join or participate in one or more extracurricular clubs or organizations sponsored, directed or controlled by the District. However, parents and guardians may not withhold permission for student participation in clubs and organizations that are necessary for a required course of instruction. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for preventing their student from participating in a club or organization for which they have withheld permission but they are also solely responsible for retrieving their student from attendance at a club or organization for which permission has been withheld.

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Booster Organizations:

Education Foundation

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Nifty Fifties

(1950s CHS)
CHS Cardinal Quarterback Club
(HS Football Boosters)
(Softball Boosters) Facebook
Side Out (Volleyball Boosters) Facebook
Astronomy Club
Cherokee Language Bowl
Gifted & Talented
Honor Society
NHS & Junior Honor Society
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The Situation

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Week One - The Situation
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Week Three- The Situation
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... Final Situation May 8, 2012

The Collinsville Quarterback Club met Monday, 2/11/13 for the 2013 election.
We would like to announce our new board:
President - Danielle Robbins
Vice President - Tamara Conner
Secretary - Donita Lowe
Treasurers - Cody Tredway & Berry Olinghouse
Thank you to our outgoing president, Ron Kocheski for his work.
Our next meeting is Monday 3/11/13, 7pm at American Bank
-- Berry Olinghouse 2/12/2013
email: cvilleqbclub@gmail.com
Facebook: CHS Cardinal Quarterback Club

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